Litigium Capital offers funding of commercial disputes. We only invest in disputes with strong merits, where the counterparty is assumed to have sufficient payment capacity and where the client is represented by counsel which we trust. The disputed amount needs to be proportionate to the budgeted costs. Typically, this means that the disputed amount needs to exceed one million euros. 


Our ambition is to be agile and solution-oriented to generate maximum value for our customers. Below is an overview of the steps from initial contact to investment, with examples of what we do at each step and how we can add value. The time required per step depends on the circumstances of each individual request. The approximate time estimates quoted are contingent upon us having received complete documentation.

Week 1

Initial review

  • Legal review
  • Financial review
  • Assesment of counsel and other investment criteria
Week 4

Due diligence

  • Risk assessment
  • Cost assessment
  • Indicative investment terms
Week 5

Investment decision

  • Litigation plan
  • Budget
  • Target outcome
  • Investment agreement
From case to case


  • Payment of costs
  • Budget reviews
  • Evaluate strategic alternatives
From case to case

Verdict / settlement

  • Negotiation support
  • Ensure payment from counterparty
  • Analyse and divide proceeds